Monday, August 1, 2016

Kansas Moments

I can never travel through western Kansas without thinking of this song.  So I give you 
Mathew by John Denver

And now with the rest of the story!

I  left Quinn behind and went off to see sights I'd never seen before.  Even though I have made the trip from Missouri to the Colorado hundreds of times there are still things I have not seen.

The Cathedral of the Plains.  Not really a Cathedral as it is not the home of a Bishop-not Catholic myself so I'm only repeating what I read!  It is built of the limestone which makes this part of Kansas Post Rock Country.  Built between 1908 and 1911

The Monument across from the church dedicated to the Volga Germans who where the pioneer settlers here.  The Volga Germans settled in Russia under Catherine the Great. They were allowed to keep their language and their culture, and practiced dry land farming.  Eventually, and for many reasons they left Russia and some came here-not only to Kansas but to Oklahoma, the Dakotas, and Nebraska.  They brought with them the hard red winter wheat (sewn into hems and otherwise hidden) which is now grown through out the plains states.  ( And which some historians blame for the 1930's dust bowl.)

Following this little trip down history lane I headed for Hays.  You all know that I LOVE Hays!  We once considered moving there!
there is a lovely quilt shop that I try to visit each time I pass through.  Can't do it with Ceili though but today I had fun shopping!
Bought these fabrics for the 365 Sampler.  Still need a couple more green and one more blue.

Then it was back to Russell for a nap and then to catch up on paper and computer work! Still have to pay the bills!

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