Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Our Campsite!
We arrived here in Helena after about 2 hours on the road.  Stopped in at the Montana Wheat bakery- one very yummy and HUGE cinnamon roll bought and eaten.  (Sugar overload!)  Also bought a 1/2 loaf of bread-perfect for me, perhaps it won't mold before I eat it!

The Campsite here at Lincoln Rd RV park is nice.  It is very quiet-a real plus after the last place, no trains!  We found the dog park for Quinn and she had some fun running with other dogs.  There is another place where she can go off leash and we will try that one later in the week.

Today I went out and about checking out Quilt Shops!  Bought a little at each one, nothing spectacular.  Then hit Target looking for a SMALL, in expensive coffee maker, so I don't keep buying Mochas.  Went out for lunch looking for a great burger, did not find it. Sigh.

When I got back Quinn and I went for a ride into the country.  Just to see what there was to see and to take pictures! Pretty country.

Things seen in the past two days but not photographed-the old no place to get off the road problem.

Train carrying the bodies of three new passenger jets.  No wings, tails etc just the main body.  All painted bright green. I actually saw them twice.  Wonder where they are headed and who they are for?

ONE farmer mowing wheat stalks (those left after harvest) maybe he was making straw bales.  They sell wheat straw for gardens etc.  I realized as I was driving up that I usually drive on week days and that many farmers work another job as well as farm, perhaps that's why I never see them.

Today, on our drive, group after group of 50 or more rail cars parked on a single track.  All empty.  No engines just these yellow cars that reminded me of coal cars except with lower sides.  The best I can come up with on the internet is that they are gondola cars.  I will probably never satisfy my curiosity on this one.

Also today, while lounging about reading I notice the tree I could see outside my door was changing from green to yellow.  Fall is coming much sooner that we see it at home!

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a good yarn said...

I'd like to try a cinnamon roll. You see the odd one here and there but I bet they don't taste as good as they do in the States! Your campsite looks really nice. Neat and tidy. It's good that Quinn gets to have a good run off the leash. I never thought I'd read (or hear) that you can't get a good burger in the States! You wouldn't recognise what we call a hamburger - the roll and meat pattie are there but we add tomato and lettuce, onions, cheese, egg, bacon, pineapple and beetroot. Not all of those at once but most of them! Of course these days, you can get a US style version in fancy cafes, food trucks and restaurants. I have a coffee maker at work and at home. Whilst not as good as the *real thing* it's quite passable and certainly a good deal cheaper. A regular flat white, latte or cappuccino is around $4.50-$5.50. It adds up quickly.