Sunday, July 31, 2016

Raindrops on a rubber roof

Dining booth
 Hearing raindrops on a rubber roof, like Ceili has, is quite nice-soothing even.  It does sound like a downpour when it's only sprinkling and a deluge is deafening!  One thing you really don't want to hear is rain on the roof when you've just finished all the inside chores and are ready to go hook up, then dump.  Thunder, lightening, downpour--no outside work done for a bit.  So we were late getting away today. We drove as far a Russell, Kansas and will turn north on Tuesday.  I've decided two things-one I don't want to drive on Monday.  I need one constant day each week to plan menus, tidy the trailer, fill meds, all the tedious stuff!  I will also stay at least two night in each place, to keep me from getting too tired!

My cousin, Carol, has asked to see pics of the trailer.  I'm sorry it has taken so long!

Kitchen-who are they kidding?

The hall!  With the bathroom at the end.  The bathroom door is always propped open  against the frig as that'a Quinn's favorite place to lie.

The living room and bedroom!  The wood wall behind the sofa is a Murphy bed-I lay the sofa down and then drop the Murphy bed over it.  It's a beast to make, sigh

I was treated to a Celebration dinner by the family!  I have such lovely children!  Everyone wants me to have fun! I plan on it.  

I'm leaving you with one final photo-
This is what the trailer looked like on Thursday!

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Charlene S said...

Sometimes resting is wise. A mess is a sign of a busy woman.