Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What I'm Reading

Traveling means lots of things to me.
One is that I have lots of guilt-free reading time.
No house to clean-well Ceili is VERY small.
No other duties to attend to.
I am a historian.
Not a professional, yet.
My main interest is in 19th Century Women and Children
and how the experience in the US compares to Canada, 
Australia and other British Colonies.
I bought this book back in 2011 and it's been in the pile to read.
Very interesting comparison of women's lives on the prairies and plains of the US.
I'm enjoying it.

I have several things I hope to accomplish on this trip
digitize all my photos for one
re-connecting with my love of cooking for another
(There are others but they can wait.)
When Larry was diagnosed with Cancer it seemed like we lived at the VA hospital.
Not much cooking was done.
Surgery, followed surgery, and radiation and chemo
Not much cooking done
Then nothing tasted right to him, not his fault Chemo's fault
but discouraging for me.
When he passed I couldn't even decide what to have for dinner.
Then I was the only one to cook for.
Didn't seem like it was worth the effort.
Now, I find I miss it!
So far this trip I haven't eaten out but lunch the first day!

Yep, these are the owner's manuals for this!

My new Bernina 550QE!  
I promised myself one when the house sold.
So Saturday I went to the Bernina store in Kansas 
and came home with this.
Some of you will remember me waxing poetic about this machine earlier this year
but not so much about the price tag!
To my good fortune
this model is being dropped by Bernina 
so it was HALF price!
Brand new, in the box.
Except I made them get it out and start it up just to be sure it worked.
I haven't sew a stitch yet.
Soon, though Very soon!


Charlene S said...

Your machine is beautiful.

Chookyblue...... said...

Hope you are enjoying your coming again......
Enjoy your new machine.... Can't wait to see what you create.......