Friday, August 19, 2016

No dog park today!

Big storms last night.
Thunder, lightening, hail and several inches of rain.
The morning came cloudy and sprinkly.
I realize that it's only August
and back in KC it's still HOT but I will very soon need
warmer clothes!
Those were buried in the back of the truck in totes.
So the day was spent
repacking the backend of the truck 
and shifting thing-again-in the trailer.
Quinn once again fell in love with under the table!
Now that nothing is under there.
Still a few more things to find homes for, as always.

Tomorrow we are off on another adventure!
See you then.

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a good yarn said...

How does Ceili hold up in the storms? I can remember we were at a park on the coast when a big cold wind came up. Even the seagulls were knocking on the door wanting to come inside! Luckily we were parked with the front to the wind so weren't as battered and rocked about as much but boy, did it howl.