Friday, August 12, 2016

Montana! At last!

It only took 12 days to get here!
This is what you see when you first come into Montana-looks just like Wyoming!
State lines can be so arbitrary.

We are settled in at Emigrant, MT.
If you were looking at a US map I'd be just above that green square in Wyoming that says Yellowstone National Park and just below I-90.

This campground is nicer than the last.
I love the owners in Sheridan but the campground it a bit tight.

I was sitting in that blue chair looking out at this:
Emigrant Peak (I think)

Yellowstone River in the front.

There's a nice breeze and we don't need the air conditioning-just delightful.

Quinn and I have a nice long walk we can, and do, take.
In fact, that's next.
There is a lovely large green space where we can play "soccer" as well.

Tired tonight.
I always have trouble sleeping the night before moving.
Don't know why, I'm getting so much better at it!
If only I could back the trailer.

Tomorrow, sightseeing.


a good yarn said...

Is it Big Sky Montana? What spectacular views! Clean air. Blue skies. My word the States is a big place. What's the house speciality in Montana?

Charlene S said...

Beautiful views. Backing comes with practice. I know - I no longer hit things as often when I back the RV. But I still let someone else back it into tight places. Enjoy that view!