Thursday, August 11, 2016

On the road with Quinn

Traveling with Quinn can be fun!
I meet lots of people who stop to visit and admire her.
She meets lots of new dogs,
and even gets friendly with some that are bigger than she is.
(She tends to think that ALL Golden retrievers are Zoe!)
Traveling with her means lots and lots of walking!
I'm sure I get my 10,000 steps in every day-even though I broke my Fitbit, sigh.
There are challenges though.
She doesn't eat well and sometimes has digestive issues. (That's all you need to know!)
She is used to a large fenced in backyard and now
it's a leash or tie out (unless I put up her playpen).
She's good on the leash, but I'm sure she'd just love to run around.
Some campgrounds have a "Dog park" as do some cities and she loves those.
She can play "Soccer" without her training leash!
She has a long double coat.
To keep it looking good she needs brushing at least every 3rd day.
I'd need to do that wherever we were though.
The other thing about her coat?
She gets HOT easily.
When she gets hot she can get car sick-not good.
So sometimes I wear a jacket and we have the air conditioning on!
She also has a shade cave.

Made from one of those car window covers it keeps the sun from half the seat
and keeps the air conditioning down on the seat.

When I put her into the truck I lean down and hold my arms out and say UP.
She puts her front paws on my forearm and I lift her into the truck.
No matter which door I use she always walks to the other side of the seat.
Then when I get in she walks back.
Then when I'm in and my seatbelt is fastened she comes and sits beside me.
Then she'll lay down with her tailbone touching my leg and that's where she stays.
She is a creature of habit.

Tomorrow we leave Sheridan behind and head into Montana.
First to a place called Emigrant.
Close to Yellowstone National Park.
Where we will stay for four nights.

We have enjoyed our time in Sheridan it's a nice place.
A very active Parks and Rec department with MILES of paved walking/biking paths.
I've driven around most of it.
Most of the houses seem old and quite small.
Some of them would qualify as a "Tiny Home"only they were probably built in the 1920's!
There is new construction as well.
All in all I think it must be a nice place to live.

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a good yarn said...

I guess it's not unlike travelling with children in a way. Some pets are bulletproof and others need more care. No doubt having her there for company outweighs all the extra adjustments. No surprise that she draws a crowd with that pretty face! Everytime I see a Sheltie here I think of you both.