Sunday, August 7, 2016


Along I-25 Wyoming
After way too many hours driving Quinn and I arrived in Sheridan, WY.
Really tired.
The dinner I had planned
so I went out to eat.
Then I went to bed!

This morning Quinn and took a longish walk
Then I drove up to the County Fair.
I hadn't been to a County Fair 
since I was in 4-H!
I don't even what to think about how many years ago THAT was!
I saw a lot of cows
some sheep
a few horses
and some pretty quilts.

Then I went and found Starbucks
needed a fix

After that it was back to the trailer.
Brush Quinn
Clean part of the trailer
A HUGE storm blew in 
I had to go out and secure everything
before it blew away.
Ceili was rocking 
and it wasn't from a party!
It passed.
 But I think the temperature has dropped 20 degrees!
Windows open!
Nice and cool.

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a good yarn said...

Australia has parts that look like Wyoming. Flat, flat flat for as far as you can see and them the remnants of towns abandoned. All that driving is rather tiring. Relieved that you, Quinn and Ceili survived the storm. Lovely images btw.