Thursday, August 4, 2016

Wind , so much wind.

Chimney Rock on the Oregon/California/Mormon Trail
Today, it did not rain before we left!  
Instead the wind blew us all over the road.
Well, it felt like that anyway.
Ceili is high profile in high wind!

I took I-80 to Oglala, Nebraska-a place where the
American Legion Post advertises
Bingo and Pickles!
Cracks me up!

Then up through the panhandle of Nebraska.
Sorry, it doesn't look like a pan handle much.
(Neither does the Texas panhandle-Oklahoma, now that's a panhandle!)
I digress.
Drove along the Oregon/California Trail 
Past Windlass hill and
Ash Hollow
to Chimney Rock.
Originally called Elks Penis, hum.

There were signs everywhere to watch out for rattlesnakes!
I didn't see any
Thank goodness!

Then it was on into Gering, NE where we wandered about looking 
for our campground!
Finally, found and settled in about 2pm.

It has rained twice.

PS Blogger gave me fits with this pic!
  I thought it hadn't posted then today it's here giant sized!

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Charlene S said...

Be careful of snakes and wind. Have a great time.