Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Medicine Wheel

The Morning Walk.

For  our walk today  Quinn and I did something different!
What am I saying Quinn had no part in the decision.
We drove about 60 miles one way to Medicine Wheel National Monument.
The walk from the Parking lot is about 1.5 miles.
Quinn and I didn't quite finish.
10,000ft altitude, long walk, flatlanders -not a good thing.
(I've had a headache and have had two naps since we got back.)

The highway is insane!  Almost above the tree line,  and very twisty.
The drive from the highway to the parking lot, gravel, one lane, in places an eyebrow hanging by its fingernails to the side of the mountain.
I'll admit to nearly chickening out but a glance a my tattoo reminded me to "Be Brave".

Here's a photo gallery of what we saw on our hike!
Where there are no trees-there is WIND!

It was hazy up there, not sure if it was smoke from the Bitterroot Fires or something else.

When I looked out on this, I thought that in our national forests if one knew how you could disappear and never be found!

Right before the last climb to the wheel you can see to the West, if it was clear you could likely see Yellowstone
All the other photos taken looking East.  The wind here was significant.

Some wildlife!  A Blue butterfly.

Educational plaques about stone circles and Sacred Wheels.
We are staying here in Sheridan until Friday.
It is somewhat difficult to find camping spaces  but I have worked out the path I plan to take and will set up all our sites tomorrow.  Then we will only have to show up!
On Friday we will move to Emigrant, MT for four days!

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a good yarn said...

It's wild looking country but very beautiful. Sounds like you need a lay day and a bit of pampering. Lovely images.