Friday, August 9, 2019

Surprises. . .

Last week,
or maybe the one before,
I looked out the patio door and saw pink in the grass!
When I went to satisfy my insatiable curiosity I discovered. . 
Moss Rose,
and lots of it.
I didn't plant it out there,
well, not intentionally anyway.
Each fall I dump all the pots and clean them,
at this house I have several VERY low spots in the yard.
Which hold rain water in a big way!
That's where I put the dirt.
I must have emptied the pot that held the Moss Rose last!
It self seeded.
Pretty amazing considering the horrid winter we had.
Now, when I look out the door
I hope to see pink.
Sad to say,
every time we mow they get cut down.
Doesn't seem fair somehow.
Still it is a lovely surprise when I that spot of pink appears!

Thursday, August 1, 2019

At Last

It is finished!
Washed, dried and on the bed!
I can't tell you how glad I am.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Music on Monday

I'm showing my age but. . .

This song has been in my head ALL DAY!

Now it can be in yours!

Check out  Monday, Monday from

The Mamas and the Papas
Recorded in 1965!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Nearly there

Before I get to the Nearly there, 
I have a couple of things I finished this week.
Well, yesterday truthfully
 a new shower curtain rod.
The old one was rusting on the top and hard to move the rings on.
I'm always amazed at the things which I find truly annoying
the struggle with the rings was one of those odd things.
This new one is MUCH easier.
A new mailbox.
The existing mailbox was made of some flimsy plastic, 
Well once white anyway
And broken.

The new one is metal.
While I was at it I re-painted the post.
I love these letters I found on line!
So much nicer than the peel and stick from the hardware store.
(To be truthful these are peel and stick also!)
Easy to use and nice to look at.
The nearly there.

those are binding clips on
the quilt that will not be finished!
I think I will actually finish it and have it on the bed by Wednesday!
At the moment I can only see
all the mistakes in it
in the next six months those will just magically vanish!
Other stitching is in the works,
some are gifts so not showing them 

On the medical front.
After 5 weeks,
numerous phone calls and faxes
and a visit with my Primary Care Doctor
I am scheduled for a knee replacement on August 28!
Waiting for the packet in the mail with all the instructions.
I know it won't be pleasant 
it will be done
and I will just have to get on with it.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Updates and finishes

I'll admit I haven't been accomplishing much lately.
My left knee has gone bone on bone 
and has a lovely Baker's cyst turning to rock as well.
I'm awaiting scheduling for a knee replacement-sometime next month.
Hard to believe but it is worse when I sit with it bent, 
some days I just have to sit on the couch with it up and read.
That said, 
I have done some things!

Updates first.
Above is the quilt which insists it will NOT be finished!
Three Quarters quilted.
Shooting for 100% by this time next week and completed by month's end.

The beginnings of a rag quilt.
All the squares are cut,
still need to cut some batting.
I'm pinning them all then I will sit down and stitch through the layers 
before I lay them out and sew them together.
No real goal for finishing here.

Finish number one.
the table skirt for the small round table I made year before last.
I've hunted for ready-made ones,
They were all the wrong size.
I hunted fabric, even bought some green,
but in the end I went with blue as the quilt that will not be finished 
is destined for the bed next to it.
Got out my little cloth from Ireland.
Now to accessorize it.

I painted the hutch base,
 and put on new hardware.
(Sorry the photo is so terribly dark-I took 20 shots I think and this was the best of the lot!)
I'm not putting the top back on.
(No idea what I'll do with it.)
Eventually, I'll get a piece of marble for the top.
It will make a nice place to place food when the whole group is here.
It too needs accessorizing.
I'll get to it.

Thursday, July 11, 2019


Camping at Arrowrock.
If you've followed me for any length of time you will have realized that
I love to camp at Arrowrock State Historic site.
It's a smallish campground,
usually dominated by couples without children.
So it's quiet.
It is fairly close to home and to Columbia where Scott and Bri live.
I store my trailer in caves quite far north from my home
Which is a pain if I'm headed south!
Going to Arrowrock though is simple.
The caves are only a short distance (like 2 blocks) from US Highway 24.
I like driving this way, 
there is rarely much traffic for one thing!
The road follows the south side of the Missouri River,
Although, you can't see the river from the Highway.
Over hills and through valleys
A few small towns and lots of farm land.
This year continues to be very wet,
so wet that at least two roads I passed had signs that either 
the bridge was closed or there was water over the highway.
You can see from the corn that farmers had trouble getting into low-lying fields.
The corn on the top of the hill is in tassel and Very Tall.
Down in the low spots it raged from a few inches to maybe 3 feet tall.
It is beautiful to see the hills spread out before you covered in gorgeous, 
vibrant green.
As I was driving I couldn't help but think of the movie Field of Dreams
all the baseball players going into the corn and just fading away.

I drove down on the 3rd
meeting up with Beth and family for the 4th holiday.
Scott and Bri brought the kids up for the 4th and we had a picnic.
Of course, it began raining.
There was a stream through the campsites!
We missed the fun parade, bummer.
When the 3rd round of rain poured down on us 
we moved the party to Scott's in Columbia.
Some stayed for the fireworks but Quinn and I went back to the trailer.
For the quiet of a place where fireworks are not allowed!
Saturday, we went into Columbia again for dinner and ice cream.
Beth's family packed up and headed home
leaving their golden retriever, Zoe, to ride home with me the following day.
The campground was nearly deserted that night!
Monday, I packed up, hooked up and went home,
dropping off both the trailer and Zoe on the way.
After unloading the truck and showering I took a long NAP!
It had been quite hot and buggy all weekend.

I was quite proud of the fact that I managed to backache truck up to the trailer and hook up on the first try!  
Guess all the truck backing practice has made a difference!
I bought a new battery last year and it didn't run the tongue jack-
which is no fun cause then I have to do it by hand!
I was all set to take the battery back
I discovered that the key that keeps the battery from running down was off!
Ran the jack just fine when I took it back!
All those camping trips where I raised and lowered it with a fourway.
Totally unnecessary!
I need a check list for picking up and leaving!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Baking my Grandmother's Bread

I made bread today.

Whenever I make bread I think of my Grandmother.

Ora May Weddle Hickam.
My Father's mother.
Sometime in my 20's she taught me to bake bread.
My Mother taught me to bake cookies and cakes but not bread.
(Not pies either until the day before I was to get married.)
She was born 21 July 1897 in Vernon County, Missouri.
(She was always quite emphatic about it being Vernon!  
They lived just outside Rich Hill which is in Bates county-barely.)
She was the oldest of NINE children of John William Weddle and Jessie Ivy Welch.

She told me her parents began leaving her to watch her younger siblings 
at a very young age. Like 4.
Once when she was making butter she dropped it in the slop bucket.
She was terrified of her mother, so she fished it out and washed it!

She loved to read
and do jigsaw puzzles.
Taught a girls Sunday School class at First Baptist Church for many years.
She quilted, by hand until her eyes gave out 
and she let a little girl who couldn't thread a needle or knot the thread but stitches in one.
When she sewed she used a Singer treadle machine and allowed the grandchildren to string buttons from the drawers.
1943 (Back row r-l Bill, Letha, Bob.  Front row r-l Ora and Charley
She and her husband Charles Lloyd Hickam were married 
25 May 1924 after he'd asked her and been turned down THREE times!
They had three children: William Hubert (Bill), James Robert (Bob-my dad) and Letha May.

She died 21 Jan 1985, age 88.

I'm sharing her bread recipe with you!

She made 5 loves out of this.
I used to make 4 using 1 1/2 pound pans
Now I make only make half a recipe and use 1 pound pans so 2-3.

The recipe for a half batch is in ( ).

Ora Hickam's Sponge Bread

5 Tablespoons (2 1/2) Sugar
4 cups water (2) no hotter than 115F
4 teaspoons dry yeast (3 )
6 cups flour (3) 
She said use good flour and I use King Arthur Bread flour
3 Tablespoons (1 1/2) salt 
2 cups (1) milk, warmed but not hotter than 115F
3 Tablespoons (1 1/2) butter, melted

Add yeast to water then add sugar-let rise until bubbly.
Add 6 (3) cups flour, beat well, cover and let rise in warm place
 about 1 1/2 hours or until double
Add salt, warm milk and butter, beat well.
Add enough additional flour to stiffen and knead well.
Place in greased bowl cover and let rise until double, 
again about 1 1/2 hours.
Turn out, divide into loaves and put in greased pans.
Again, let rise until double.
Bake at 425F for 15 minutes  then at 375F for 30 minutes.
Brush tops with butter.