Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Errands and small jobs

Sun going down over the mountains.
Today was a day of errands and small jobs.
I had my hair cut, nearly completely off. Shortest it's been in a really long time.
Not sure if I like it but it will grow, both literally and on my sensibilities.
Hit the Grocery store for bottled water.  I buy gallon jugs for the trailer, it is not good for Quinn's water to change anymore than it is her food. Somehow I ended up with 60 some dollars worth of stuff!

After a drop off at the trailer I took myself to lunch at The Sheridan Inn-you can read all about it here
The food was good, especially the loaded baked potato soup!

Then it was back to the trailer-in and around all that was walking Quinn, both at the campground and on the trails in town.  
I loaded some cd's of Larry's that I found when packing up.  
It always takes a few tries to remember how to do it without pulling out my hair.
Mended some pants-okay I sewed on some buttons!

So I'll leave you with another photo taken this evening.  That's the Campground we are staying at in the foreground.  Ceili is being bashful and not showing herself! 

I think I might put on a movie and stitch or not.

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a good yarn said...

Apparently my grandmother attended a Wild Bill's West Show when it went to England. Not sure how accurate that story is though. The Sheridan Inn looks delightful - what a handsome building and fabulous interior. I was looking for a menu but couldn't find one. You must tell me about loaded potato soup.