Monday, August 15, 2016

Yellowstone River

The campground I'm staying in (Yellowstone's Edge RV Park) 
is right on the Yellowstone River!
Here the river looks calm and placid,
Not like it did yesterday roaring through the canyon.

There are many floaters on the river.
Over the weekend there was nearly always one on this stretch.
Today not so many.
The one we saw had a dog on it.
Quinn watched that dog and the dog watched Quinn
Until they went round the bend and out of sight.

The Yellowstone River is the last and largest free flowing undammed river
 in the Continental United States.
Just inside South Dakota it joins the Missouri River.

Today has been the chore day.
Clean up
Get ready to move on
Tomorrow we move to Bozeman, Mt.  a short drive thank goodness.

One of my goals for this trip has been to reconnect with cooking.
Today I made a London Broil in the crockpot.
I rarely see a London Broil back in Missouri but we had them in California, 
so when I saw this one at the grocers I snatched it up.
Used a new recipe found here.

So Good!
Tender and just amazing!
Quinn loved it too! She even ate green beans and carrots!
Really, I highly recommend it.

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a good yarn said...

What a beautiful vista but can you explain what a floater is? Also what's a London Broil?