Sunday, August 14, 2016

Yellowstone-Part One

I think that there are too many photos for one entry so I'll divide them into heading out and returning.
First off the me say that I am 32 miles from the park at the place where Ceili is parked-add that to the many miles within the park and I will tell you I did not see all of Yellowstone! Only the northern loop.  I turned where I should have gone straight in order to see Old Faithful but I'm grateful I made the mistake!  As it was I drove 4-5 hours.  Much stopping and starting going on for photos.  I think there's a pull off for photos about every 100 feet!  It is a beautiful place and I will return to West Yellowstone and the south loop when I am leaving Montana next month.

Going this way there are miles of these great open valleys.  Usually the place where you might find wildlife, sadly I did not.  Well there's family of ducks swimming in the stream- you can't really see them.  I tried to cut that section but it was too blurry.  Also in this stream, but not in this photo was a beaver dam, no beavers though.

This is the same stream as before you can almost see the ducks on the left!  Mostly I took this one for the mountain in the center.

This is upper Twin lake,  there were a pair of loons swimming-only reason I know they were loons is that I saw one dive!  They were far away even for my eyes and the camera always makes things further.

Lots of lodgepole pine along this route, a tree tunnel in places.  While lovely tree tunnels get boring after a bit!

We turned just before Norris (the mistake) and went to Canyon Village.  One of the many places one can buy something to eat and little (or big) mementos of your trip.  For me: postcards, a patch, and magnets.

From Canyon Village you head north or taking the return trip-next post!

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It all looks and sounds so charming and picturesque.