Saturday, August 20, 2016

Today's drive

The Crazy Mountains, from Willsall, Montana
When I woke this morning at 5am it was cold!  Even under THREE blankets I was chilly.  In the end, I got up and turned on the heat.  Feeling oh so sorry for the tent campers!  I think it was 40F.  It did warm up quite a bit and I had to turn on the Air conditioner.  That's Montana weather!

Today, we took a drive up the Shields Valley, north from I-90 almost to White Sulfur Springs.
The first several miles there are many houses and farms.
I say farms as they were(or had been) irrigating wheat or hay and lots of it. 

We drove through Clyde Park, what there was of it.  I'm not sure there were any side streets.
We drove through Willsall-all 8 blocks of it, one block on each side of the highway.
Thunder Jack-a tribute to the Mountain Man!
Wilson buildings in the distance.
Beyond Willsall it becomes cattle country.  All desolation, sage and little grass.  The houses very far apart.
We drove through Ringling, 2 blocks maybe three.
Then we drove through Helena National Forest (pretty drive) to Townsend which is good sized and not far from Helena.
From there back to Bozeman through more farm country, mostly wheat.

The funny thing about all these side trips through farm country, I never saw anyone actually working!
Tractors, balers and other farm equipment parked in fields but no one working, anywhere.  Strange.

I'm pretty much done with Bozeman.  It's a nice place, lots of parks and other amenities but it's just like Kansas City in some ways.  Population over 100,000 and Kohls, Target, Walmart, Five Guys, Applebees, you get the picture.  The downtown is nice and unique but all in all it's too big, too much like anywhere else for me.

We move on the Helena on Tuesday.  The State Capital, there should be plenty to do.  I've already found four quilt shops I HAVE to visit!

I don't think we'll be doing much except hanging out at the trailer for the next couple of days so I doubt I post anything.

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a good yarn said...

I guess the farms are so big that you could be working on the far side and not bee seen from the road. Perhaps there's work to be done in the sheds. My memories of farm life are that there are lots of little job then mad bursts of big activity around harvest time. Different for dairy farmers of course. At the really big cattle stations here the mustering is done by helicopter and quad bike. Guess it's the same where you are.