Thursday, August 25, 2016


Quinn and I do no get up early in the trailer. 
 I don't know why that is.
She always woke me by 6:30 in the house.
I often wake her at like 8!
Then it takes a bit to get around,
couple of hours at least.
Finally, we are out and about seeing, doing and learning things.
Today we started out at Marysville, MT
On the map it's a Ghost town but a few folks do live there.
There is a restaurant and some rehab work being done.
But there's a lot of falling down buildings as well.

An old mining town it began dying in the 1890's when a national depression killed the mine.

That's the Falling Rock Theater in the middle.
The Red brick building on the right is a Mason Hall.
Evidently, it's still being used as it had an electronic lock on the door.
After we left Marysville we took a road call Birdseye.
Quite lovely.  
Lots of cows.
It goes from the way north where we are to downtown Helena.
Since we came out near Mt Helena City Park
and since that park is a leash free zone-
also I knew very good photos might be taken up there-
I hunted up the parking.
Easier said than done.

The view from one of the trails.
There are paths all over the mountain,
Clear up to the top.
Quinn was clearly uneasy with the whole trail and no leash thing,
(and much happier when I put it back on) 
so we didn't hang out too long.

Somehow, and I really don't know why, we ended up here at the 
Capitol Building.
Very pretty.
I think the dome is copper,
It needs polished!

After that we headed to East Helena to visit the last quilt shop!
Found some more Stonehenge fabric!
Perhaps, I'll someday get that quilt started.
It's only taken 8 months to find fabric and I'm
not quite done!

As Quinn had been a really trooper with all our ramblings
and because we were close 
I took her to the real dog park.
She played for a bit
then we came back to Ceili for a nap!

PS.  I would put more pictures in but the internet here is so SLOW getting them to load is agony!

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a good yarn said...

I'm with Quinn. 8.00am is a perfectly civilised hour of the day. Isn't it a shame when towns are abandoned but I guess that's been happening since Adam was a boy. What a handsome Capitol building. I quite like the verdigris effect.