Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Raindrops on rubber roofs, Part Two!

Today was a travel day.
I was awakened by the sound of rain hitting the roof!
A proper deluge.
Looking out the windows brought sighs with the forming of puddles.
Big puddles.
Having only just gotten up I had inside work to do.
By the time it was finished
the rain had stopped!
The puddles had not vanished though.
Flipflop's are great little shoe for wading about in puddles!
There's  a surprising amount of work to do before you hook up to the truck.
Much battening down of things as all sorts of stuff likes to fly about while driving.
I am developing all sorts of little tricks to keep havoc away.
All done, except for draining the waste tanks.
Those had to wait as the drain was in a large puddle!
They weren't full anyway.
I managed to hitch up with just a few tries-guess I'm getting better!
I was especially pleased as I broke one of the backup poles.
We managed to leave Russell after only 2 hours.
That's pretty good timing.

It was a pretty drive north and west out of Russell to US183 North into Nebraska.
I like taking back roads-for a while.
183 must run along section lines as it is straight!
Really straight!
Very green this year and often by now it is very brown out here.
Mostly drove through cattle country in Kansas.
Lots of big round bales of hay!
(Begs the question- What on earth do we do with all the Hay that it is produced? 
Quickly followed by-Why is so much just laying about from last year?)
I didn't see any irrigation in Kansas.

Oddly, the moment we crossed into Nebraska the big irrigation rigs were there.
And Corn.
Lots and lots of corn.
(Repeat above questions with corn instead of hay!)
After lunching in a lovely city park in Holdridge-
(It's such a lovely tradition in this country, the having of a city park. 
 You can almost depend on it.
Even if you can't find it.)
We hit Interstate 80 westbound.
Got off in North Platte where we are camped tonight and tomorrow.

That's it.
No music-I know no songs about Nebraska, although there is that one
Raindrops Keep falling on my head!
No pictures.
Wanted to take pictures but it's really dangerous to stop on those narrow two way roads.
I'm still not confident enough to take Ceili down random roads.
Who knows if I could get her out?
Hopefully tomorrow.  
Pictures, not random roads.

Tomorrow's plan is to hit a park with Quinn for Soccer practice.
The RV Store for a new shower head and backing poles.
Maybe Walmart for soft scrub and Calgon!

I'll tell you the rest of the story then.

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Charlene S said...

You are on an interesting adventure. Have fun!