Tuesday, January 3, 2012

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This morning I worked at scrubbing the kitchen again, I haven't really cleaned the appliances, etc for months so everything takes a lot longer than I think it should!  After lunch I head for the office/sewing room and work, today it was 5 more blocks and book work (more of that tomorrow, sigh) and some phone calls (more of that tomorrow as well, sigh.)  It was a bit warmer this afternoon in the park and the weather guessers are talking April-like weather, I hope they are just talking temperatures not thunderstorms!  It would be lovely if it was warm this weekend as Saturday I hope to take down Christmas and store it for next year.  It's darn cold in that attic! Plus there are outside lights to bring in.  I have some things to put in the shed as well, it's nice to do that in less than full winter gear.

So the Iowa Presidential caucuses were today, I am not ready for nearly a full year of political ads and news stories!  Both will be full of innuendo, half-truths and out right lies--it's hard to find the truth buried in all that!

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a good yarn said...

It's been a stinker here today 38 degC. Thunderstorms predicted for later this evening before cooler days ahead. Too hot to sew, too hot for most things. Blah!

Most Austrlians are rather keen for an election, tomorrow we be good as many folks aren't too keen on the incumbents.

I'm afraid I haven't been able to grasp the American political system or it's election process. ann :-)