Monday, January 2, 2012

Day Two, Intentions

I decided that this year I would have "intentions" not goals nor resolutions, the word just seems easier to deal with.  I listed my Intentions for 2012 on the side bar, they are a lot like last years with a few additions. I did make progress on things last year, it's just that there is so much more to do!  I did add some, interpersonal interaction for one.  I have plenty of family interaction but I would like to broaden my base of friends and acquaintances, which seems to be difficult in this area.  I've had several folks of different ages and sexes complain about it, even my parents who knew everyone (it seemed) said is was difficult here compared to Colorado.  Anyway, my plan is to join several groups involving history and quilting (I'd planned to do this for a while just making it a priority this year) and to broaden my volunteering to include Brayden's school and possibly one other place.  I also intend to write in this blog everyday, not that I have anything terribly interesting to impart but why not.

Today was cold and windy again, still clear as a bell though.  Clouds would warm us up but they are so depressing!  So cold in the park that we stayed in the trees when we went to walk this afternoon.  I stitched five blocks today-have found a way to make several at once, thus saving some trips to the iron.  Not being terribly creative on this one, it will have more than one block with the same fabrics but then I think every quilt should be different!  Tonight I'm clearing my desk, again, so that I can pay bills.  Isn't it amazing how often that little chore comes around?

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a good yarn said...

I like that - Intentions - good choice. You have a good plan there and I'm sure you develop a circle of friends as a result. Blogging every day - why not? I enjoy reading your blog and your life is differebnt to mine. I'm off to check out those scrap challendes. ann :-)