Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cutting time, sigh

I spent the better part of today cutting fabric.  I've cut 2 1/5 inch squares all week, really should have read the instructions for the quilt I decided to make from the red Christmas fabrics before I cut as I cut many, many more than I need for that top!  I suppose they will come in handy at some point but now I need different storage, everything I have is too big.  I also prepped red klosjes and sorted fabric for little houses.  When I finally finished cutting (wait, who am I kidding I will never finish cutting) I managed to sew up four flannel rag blocks and two sets of blocks for the nine patches in the red quilt.  A productive day all in all.  Wish I could do it again tomorrow but. . . cleaning calls once more, sigh.  Also both Quinn and I have medical appointments, me for blood work( yuck, very hard to get blood out of me) and shots for Quinn.  She and I went back to our twice daily walks but we have to stay out of the park.  Our beloved Hannah (the boxer next door) contracted a very serious mange from being in the same area as a sick coyote and is contagious, since Quinn's immune system isn't fully developed I decided it was best to keep her out of the park for a while.  I'm afraid the mange will travel around to other members of our wildlife community as well, unless we get a real deep freeze to kill off the mites that cause it.  So sad for Quinn, she loved running free on the ball fields so much!

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a good yarn said...

That's a terrific day's work! I've worn out two cutting blades but my scrap box is now done. Soon I will cut up some background fabrics and then I can actually start sewing blocks. Keeping Quinn away from the mange is a very sensible idea indeed. Hopefully you can get back to your favourite park soon. ann :-)