Sunday, January 8, 2012

A little New Year's

This morning Tanya, Heather and I went to see New Year's Eve at the movies!  It was a cute, funny story about likes that merge on New Year's Eve.  Lots of fairly big names like Aston Krucher, and Michelle Piffer but the most fab one (for Tanya at least) was Jon Bon Jovi!  I enjoyed the morning very much.

Back home after lunch I tried to sew some only to be frustrated by the state of my sewing room!  This is such a recurring theme--and not one I like.  This big problem today was that I had gone through the boxes of fabrics and brought out all the red pieces for the Scrap Challenge and they along with the flannel for the backs of the rag quilt are taking up my ironing board as there is no other place to put them!  So I worked at re-assembling the little sewing box I bought last fall, I don't have everything I need to finish and I'm not particularly happy with it, for now it is no longer in pieces and I can clear the other work table (If I don't just decide to trash the whole thing, the sewing box not the table.)

Tomorrow, I have to hit the cleaning heavy again.  I'd like to have the main living spaces clean and back together again soon.  This deep cleaning takes forever, sigh.

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a good yarn said...

I feel for you Gail. I experience the same issues with my work room. Right now I have a corner of the cutting table just clear enough to work on. At some point I just have to sort out the rest. (Do I mentin the pile of magazines, fabrics, etc on the floor?) ann :-)