Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The lack of good customer service

Twice in the past two days we have had examples of truly BAD customer service, one by a major retailer.  It is so distressing to have something that should be a happy occasion, or a gift that doesn't work or isn't being installed.  Lots of phone calls by unhappy folks here, not me this time but I am continually amazed at the "I don't give a d---n" attitude of businesses, don't they know that this is a tough economy and we won't shop were we are badly treated?  Not to mention telling everyone we know about our experience?  Are they stupid? Insane?

I didn't get a great deal done today.  Picked up Kolby at day care supposedly due to tummy issues (have to say he was totally ok we think there might be a food allergy at work there), cleaned a couple of  appliances in the kitchen, picked Tanya up at Best Buy (one cause of above rant), and did seven loads of laundry.  Okay, in retrospect I got quite a bit done today!  Still need to remake my bed so that I can crawl into it.  Tomorrow is another day-I think the dreaded refrigerator cleaning is on tap for tomorrow, sigh.  My least favorite of all household chores in any case but this refrigerator is doubly difficult as the drawers don't come out of the frig without the shelf they fit on, in fact I have to take them to the bath tub to wash them.  Will need a shower after that!  Oh, the exciting life I lead!

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a good yarn said...

Australia is renowned for poor service and it's getting worse here too. Less staff on duty and because they are mostyly casuals they don't know the stock, store, etc.

You got loads done! I can handle cleaning the fridge - it's defrosting the freezer that leaves me cold!


ann :-)