Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Twelfth Night!

Tonight is the last night of the twelve days of Christmas, sigh.  I have been taking a few minutes to drink up the trees and other decor as they will be coming down this weekend, and I shall have a "naked" house until December 1st (or there about) when I get to put it out again!  The living room tree, the stockings and my North Pole cottages suit me just fine, I'd like to add a few more cottages and finish all the other socks this year, we'll see.  I was only marginally happy with the tree in the kitchen, a candy and cookie cutter tree-it needs something and to be elsewhere in the kitchen, although I'm not sure where that would be.  I'm thinking on it.  The tree in the toy room could stand a few more childlike ornaments but I'd pick them up anyway.  The tree in the sewing room is in need of total decorating!  The only thing on it beyond the lights is a tree top angel my Mom made years ago-must work on that this year.  The hall bath needs a really skinny tree for me to hang my lighthouse ornaments on-still looking for that.  My favorite tree is the one in my room.  Clear glass, crystals, white angels and white bows-I just smile when I see it!  I'm always on the look out for new crystals or ornaments for this one and I'd like a clear glass or crystal star for the top.  I love decorating for Christmas!  The other thing I need is Christmas quilts!  Must get busy.  This is why I have that "intention" to make my house look as good as it does at Christmas!


a good yarn said...

I'm exhausted putting up and taking down one tree!. Guess you'll have to find other decorations to fill the spaces. That could be fun! ann :-)

Anonymous said...

It really is too bad we can't leave up the decorations all year. I keep telling that to year I just might;-)

blessings, jilly