Saturday, January 14, 2012

A fun day with the kids!

I spent the day with Scot, Bri and Coco.  I hadn't seen all their recent improvements in person and I want Coco and Quinn to be friendly so they need to see each other often!  The house just gets cuter and cuter check out The Modern Parsonage and see for yourself! We spent most of the time chatting and watching these two play.  Once they got over themselves they spent a lot of time running around like maniacs both inside and out (in Coco's fenced yard-a luxury Quinn doesn't have), then there was sniffing, stealing of bones, food and treats on both side.  They were too cute check it out.
Coco (on right) lost the bone!  Not to worry, she stole it right back!

Quinn "hid" under the couch, if Coco wasn't paying enough attention she would charge out from under to start more play!
The last time these two were together was Christmas, Coco was still bigger than Quinn, Quinn is now taller but not quite as heavy.  Quinn has outgrown the travel crate I brought her home in!  I shall have to buy her a seat belt and harness.  She did sleep all the way home and a lot this evening.  Bri sent home a big pillow that Coco doesn't like,
Quinn likes it!  But she slides off and occasionally gets herself stuck between it and the couch.  Who needs to go out for entertainment when you have a dog, or two!

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a good yarn said...

What a couple of villians! Endlessing entertaining and plenty of mischief to be had there. ann :-)