Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Here are some recent photos of Miss Quinn.  We played inside the softball field today--she ran pretty hard but never far from me which was good as I was afraid I would have trouble getting her back after letting go of the leash!

Today I went back to the Historical Society where I volunteer for the first time since the holidays.  When I arrived I discovered that they were packing up!  They are housed inside the historic courthouse on the square which is closed to the public due to needing a ton of renovation (not even functioning bathrooms) and the county told them to be out by 1 March so they can begin interior renovations.  The exterior and foundation have already been repaired.  So instead of typing I packed boxes full of files.  Not even sure which building to go to next week!

I'm going to stick a movie in and work in the sewing room, cutting and stitching along with a tad of cleaning.  I've coined a new phrase: "A clean sewing room is never used!"

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a good yarn said...

She's such a cutie! That was quite a surprise to find the historical society packing up. At least they are renovating the building. Here, they'd probably tear it down. Have fun sewing and cleaning! ann :-)