Thursday, January 12, 2012

I missed a day, probably won't be the first!

I didn't post yesterday, hmmm, fell asleep watching tv and didn't feel alert enough to type my own name much less a post.  I'm sure I will miss other days but it seems easier to post every day than not.

So Winter came last night.  Had a couple of inches of the white stuff, which melted when it hit the warm roads then froze when the temps dipped into the teens.  Add to that a blustery wind and it is miserable outside.  Tonight will be the coldest of this winter, tomorrow will be warmer.  For some reason Brayden's school district canceled classes for the day so he spent it with us.  I always make him "rest" after lunch, he doesn't have to nap but has to lay in the dark for an hour.  Today he napped for about 3 hours.  Then got up and said he was "just resting his eyes, not napping."  Funny guy.

I've been cutting 2 1/2 inch squares until I see them in my sleep!  My red scraps for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge seem to be mostly Christmas fabric, so I've decided to make up red and white blocks if there are enough I will make a quilt of just red and white if not there are more Christmas fabrics in other colors.  I'm also going to make klosjies and little houses.  Should keep me busy.  I like the rainbow idea, I think I would be intimidated if I could just begin anywhere!  Still cleaning, still sewing flannel rag blocks, still haven't worked on the Town of Kansas, sigh.

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a good yarn said...

So winter has arrived at long last. I just can't imagine what it must be like but would love to experience it. Brayden is a darling, I bet you smiled at that one. Just asking, what are klosjies? ann :-)