Monday, January 16, 2012

Check ups!

Quinn had her four month check up today, got her last puppy shots and won the hearts of everyone she met!  Such a social little thing-I know I've said that before but shelties tend to be more reserved than she is! Today I managed to get the glue out of her ear as well, and Dr V (the vet) cut the rest out on her head (sorry Carol we couldn't stand it any longer!)  I'll work at putting the crease in her ears and glue them back down if I need to.  She is tolerating my messing with the ears again and learning to deal with the toe nail grinder.  She is learning so much it's just amazing.  Anyway, the vet changed her heartworm medicine to one that includes protection against the mite that causes the mange so we are cleared to return to the park!  Yeah!  We've missed it, walking sidewalks is just boring-for both of us!  We are both tired, Quinn's sleeping here on one of her many pillows, I tried to sew on the machine for a bit and ironed some seams put can't seem to get with it so I' headed for the TV room and hand work.  Bed early, I think

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a good yarn said...

So pleased you and Quinn can return to the park. I'm not surprised she won hearts. I adore her from all the way over here! ann :-)