Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This has been an odd week.  On Monday, Kolby was here as his Day care was without water-turned out he was becoming ill, again, as well so his Mommy picked him up early and took him to the Doc.  Ear infections, again.  At least this time the meds to cure it are not causing him other problems.  Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend before my volunteer gig, much fun.  Today I met Brayden after school to keep him company until Mommy got home.  He is much better after last week's fight with pneumonia, he was very tired so after a snack he watched Power Rangers and I stitched.  I have to say, listening to the Power Rangers wasn't too bad but WATCHING it is agony!  It is soooooo lame.  Tomorrow there is a reception for my old boss at the Trails Center who is retiring. Friday is errand and shopping day.  So everyday I've had something going on outside my normal, I've discovered I don't like it.  I am at the heart of me a home-body, I always have been.  No matter how enjoyable something is, if there are too many days that differ from my normal I get out of sorts! Weird, huh?  What's truly weird is that I'm just now figuring that out!

It's been a couple of weeks with out a cross-stitch update.  Bri especially likes these-it is her stocking after all.  So last time:
And tonight:
I should finish the second page of the pattern (it's in four parts on four pages) tomorrow and begin the third page.  It's coming along slowly.  I've been busy doing some hand sewing projects and working on red scraps etc.  I plan to stitch most of Saturday and Sunday.  I'm going to re-arrange my sewing room, yet again, maybe next week, hoping to arrive at a more useable room.  I may go shopping (ugh) for some cabinets or something to use in there instead of the 4 foot table-maybe something to go under the piece of oak counter top I saved from the old kitchen.

My new iron arrived but I haven't turned it on, maybe tomorrow.  I really need a new ironing board, too. Maybe Friday, then I need to make one of the "big board" adaptations for pressing quilts.  It just never ends!

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a good yarn said...

You'll need a holiday after all that. Hope the wee bairns are felling better soon. Having had a middle ear infection recently I feel for Kolby. Ah, the Power Rangers. Brings back memories. You are making good progress on the cross stitch. Hopefully you'll soon have the sewing room just the way you like it. ann :-)