Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday's Outing!

One of my intentions for 2016 is to see at least one movie each month-in the theater.  (I watch tons of movies at home on the boob tube, I own tons of movies on DVD.)  So today after some grocery shopping I headed out to the AMC nearest me to see Star Wars!  I sat in the middle of the back row (as always) and grinned when the opening came on.  Just remembering seeing the first one, they now call it Episode 4, I just grinned.  Back then (1977) a first rate movie only played at one theater in Kansas City, so a blockbuster like Star Wars had lines for weeks and weeks.  A big hit could run in one theater for a year.  So, months after it had been released we left baby Steve with my aunt and drove over to Kansas to see it.  When it was over everyone in the theater stood and applauded, something that rarely happens now.  As we were walking out I turned to Larry and asked if we could stay and see it again.  It's the only one of the previous 6 I've seen in the theater.  This one is excellent!  I applauded as did the folks sitting in my row, but at the 2:15pm showing on a Friday there was hardly anyone in the place.

Also, I loved the last location-an island off the coast of Ireland!  A very cool place!

I have more movies to see this year-movie trailers are pretty cool.

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a good yarn said...

the new Star Wars film is huge here and well received. I thought the first film was fantastic. The middle three were disappointing. I'll be watching it on dvd as the move theatre is too loud for me.