Friday, January 29, 2016

65F degrees!

The title says it all!  Today's high 65F!  In January.  Next week it will be back to below freezing with snow.  Gotta love the weather in Missouri! (I don't but at least it's changeable.)  I did take advantage of the nice weather to run some errands.  Really MUST stay out of Joann's!  I really did need flannel for  A Stitch in Nine's backing-maybe not so much some of the other things I bought!  Got my hair cut-maybe not short enough though.  Bought a few groceries and still forgot the milk, sigh.  Took Quinn for a walk in the park, too nice not to, where we visited some of our walking buddies and saw 6 or 7 deer.  The deer went through the fence and vanished as soon as they saw us, of course.  Did some stitching.  All in all a pretty good day!

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a good yarn said...

Okay, so 65F (18C) is a standard winter's day here in Sydney city and suburbs. And the sun shines. Usually. So now you have a tatste of Down Under winter in my neck of the woods. You can see why we like winter here in Sydney. It's just the summer which is intolerable. Today will be 31C (88F) and 92% humidity. Right now it's 99% and quite foggy/misty outside but warm.