Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cross-Stitch Update

It's been so long since I did an update on this piece that I can't find the photo!  I'm nearly finished re-doing that Santa sign (look for the big red heart) then it's back to back stitching.  The back stitching always bring out the detail and all the mistakes I made!  I really hope I don't discover some other major oops!  I have to purchase some beads to take the place of french knots, because no matter how hard I try I simply cannot make them!

I thought you might like a photo of my cross stitch station in the studio.  I seem to do so much better when I work at a table.  This is not so portable, too many thread changes etc so it's good I have hexies!

How do you like my new heading photo?  I thought it appropriate as Ceili is my home away from home.  I had to have a new header photo, all the Christmas decor is down and packed away.  Well, all but the big tree.  For some reason I cannot get it to come apart so it will fit in the box!  Rob and Tanya are coming in a bit to help me with that and to put the boxes back in the attic before the next REALLY cold weather hits.

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a good yarn said...

Ceili is very fine looking and I bet she's comfortable as well. Your cross stitch is very detailed so I'm not surprised you work better at a table. Each of these stockings are beautiful - heirlooms. That's nice of Rob and Tanya to help you with the Christmas tree. They never seem to fit back into the box they come out of!