Friday, January 8, 2016

Adventures on Friday!

I had planned to take an outing today.  I find it very easy to just stay at home and I'm getting so boring because of it!  I had thought I'd go to Union Station to the DaVinci exhibit but it was cold and rainy (walking outside) and there is a slight glitch in getting the ticket.  I need to call them and figure that out.  I will go though.  Instead I took a shopping adventure.  I am in need of a new pair of walking shoes.  I had two pairs of a nice, leather, flat bottomed shoe with really good tread, almost a hiking shoe actually.  They are worn out, in fact one pair is already gone and the second is torn.  I love them, I would buy more and be perfectly happy except for the fact that the company doesn't make them anymore.  Bummer.  I don't want tennis shoes for this as they are not as sturdy.  I've hit two stores now and even the few I thought I might make work would not go over my high instep.  (I have this problem with boots, clogs and sometimes even slippers.)  I want to wear them when I walk over uneven ground and still have them nice for casual outings.  I guess I keep looking.  It's been suggested that I try on Doc Martins-maybe next week as that involves a trip to the mall--EEK!

After shoes I hit a few discount stores.  Marshall's where I found the towels and two mugs for Ceili and a couple of bags of dog treats.  Later I went to a charity shop and found some pieces of glassware I really liked.  At Christmas and other big family occasions I never have enough platters and serving bowls, so I have one more plate and one more bowl.  They are disgustingly dirty at the moment!

Hit Joannes looking for Mill Hill beads-nope.  Ended up buying some cookie decorations that were on sale from Christmas and Jelly hearts.  (The hearts are cherry, not cinnamon as I'd hoped.  I have a really difficult time finding these sweets.)

Oh and I went to Lowes for floor cleaner.

Really exciting day huh?  I'm tired.  I'm really not much of a shopper so I find it exhausting and I started out tired.  Quinn is finding it necessary to wake me earlier and earlier for some reason.  If she gets me up before 6 I'm telling her NO!

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a good yarn said...

Cold, wet weather will generally keep me indoors too. The Da Vinci exhibition would be good to see. I missed the one here admixture was in Canberra at the National Gallery. It is interesting to read how much trouble you had finding walking shoes. If it's any consolation when I went out the other day I came home with a bath mat! Some trips are just for odds and sods.