Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas Came Again!

When my blogging buddy, Ann, said she was sending me a "little something" I was not expecting a BOX!  Straight from Australia! 

 Very securely wrapped in tape,  I might add.

Inside were all these packages!  I could even get all the goodies in one photo!

Food goodies, chocolate candies-Ann and I share a love of dark chocolate and sea salt caramels-Anzac biscuits - had a chuckle over some of the little quips on the package "Mother Meg's biscuits are secret pleasures not for public viewing." and Australian grown TEA- Ann and I also like the same teas!  I'm sure to love this and not be able to buy it here!

The coolest apron, pot holder and oven mitt ever!  All Australian!  Think that will go in Ceili as she is decorated in brown and turquoise.

And this lovely tea towel , which I'll be hard put to actually use!  A cute little bag, hand lotion, and sachet!  Then the loveliest brooch of an Australian wildflower which seriously reminds me of a daisy and I love daisies.

So you see she has totally spoiled me!

Thank you again Ann!

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a good yarn said...

Not only am I relieved the parcel made it through unscathed (hence all the tape), I'm delighted that you are enjoying the treats within. I like spoiling my friends on occassion, including my bloggy ones.