Thursday, September 29, 2016

Goodbye Montana

Tree tunnel
I was struck by the "where does that road go" bug again this morning on the way to the Post Office!
So, of course, I turned in.  What I mostly did was play dodge the potholes and water puddles!  I think the potholes won.  What I saw was mostly tree tunnel like above, or tree trunks like below.

There was one large meadow, regrowth after a fire, where the mountains in the distance were visible.

Arriving at the end of the road we turned around and played dodge again.  I think I did a bit better that time!

I've been in Montana for 6 weeks or so and I've travelled all over the western part of the state. (Still haven't been out on the flat.) This is what I've learned.

It is Beautiful.  All of it.

The sky is indeed big-Montana is a big state it takes a lot of sky to cover it!  The sky is also blue.  Both those things said, the sky is not any bigger or bluer than in Missouri, or Kansas, or Oklahoma or any of MANY other places-think that must have begun as a genius of an advertisement!

It is reported that there is much wildlife in Montana-I can't vouch for that except that there are tons of Pronghorn Antelopes!  

At least 75% of the people of Montana own a camper of some kind. You see them parked by most homes and many in campgrounds.  Many own off road vehicles like, dirt bikes, ATVs and snowmobiles.

There are many folks here with rebel tendencies-like What's a speed limit, I should use turn signals?-I kid you not I saw a billboard reminding drivers of that! Dogs are not supposed to be on a leash I don't care what that sign says, oh, and I don't have to pick up their poop either!

Last, but perhaps most importantly, Montana is not my home.  I'd like for it to be, I could live here and be happy.  However, if I'm going to move so far away I want the place I move to to scream "You cannot live anywhere else--This is your HOME." and Montana doesn't.

I will miss Montana when I leave tomorrow!  I will be back!  I'll leave you with this song and invite you to "Meet me in Montana!"

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a good yarn said...

Thank you for sharing the many beautiful vistas of Montana. It's been a fascinating journey (even if from the armchair).