Sunday, September 11, 2016

In Camp

Quinn and I spent the day in camp.  She met another sheltie, Lily, and twice we have let them off leash and they have run and played together-mostly run!  She's hoping to play with her again tomorrow.  Quinn has met more shelties on this trip than in her whole life!

It has rained off and on all day here at the camper and apparently it snowed at only slightly higher elevations!

I spent the inside time roasting some vegetables, lit the oven for the first time this trip.  I'm  bit gun shy of that!

Tomorrow is clean up and laundry.  Boy does this trailer need a good cleaning.  I think I say that every week!  Plus I need to find a post office or the UPS store as I have goodies to send the grandkids!

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a good yarn said...

How delightful for Quinn! I bet they ran themselves to a stand still. I don't mind rainy days but then I'm at home!