Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bee stings, bruises and floods

Tired of mountain pictures yet? Taken at National Bison Reserve.
Yesterday was a day that will live long in my memory! And not in a good way, sigh

Several days ago I stepped on a bee (or maybe yellow jacket) in the trailer.  I'd been sending bees out of the truck and trailer and away from Quinn for a couple of days but I didn't think I'd missed any.  (It was the same color as the floor!)  I was quite concerned as two of my boys have allergic reactions to stings.  Rob ended up in the ER the last time. I've never had a bad reaction but there's always a first time.  I took a Benadryl (Seriouly, where would I be without that drug?!) and put ice on it-cause it HURT-and watched closely for swelling.  I considered getting in the truck and driving to the hospital in Whitefish just in case.  No swelling, just pain.  Next morning pain gone, glad I hadn't driven to Whitefish.  Since then though it has itched like the devil. While still not significant the area of itchiness and redness is getting larger. Yesterday I hit a drug store for epsom salts hoping to draw out the itchy making stuff. If it doesn't improve I'll have to find an MD.

I packed up for the move to Missoula. (For some reason I always want to spell this place with 2 z's instead of 2 s's- Could be my MIZ-ZOU getting me!)

Taking my guitar (that I haven't touched as yet) to the truck, I backed out of the door.  Cause truly there isn't room to just walk through the door carrying a guitar case.  I missed the bottom step of the trailer and you guessed it went splat on my tush!  Managing somehow to hit the bench of the picnic table--Big bruise! Oh well, nothing really damaged except my ego.

Then I couldn't get the water pressure doohickey off the spout.  (Keep in mind there was a heavy frost the night before and it was still cold.)  Finally, managed with pliers and liquid wrench (Thanks Rob) to get it off.  Got ready to go and could hardly move.  I'd  left the jack  down.  I'd walked around that trailer twice checking to be sure I had everything done correctly!

Managed to get to the National Bison Range without a wrong turn.  Opened the trailer door to put Quinn in while I checked the place out to discover that at least two cabinets had come open and deposited stuff on the floor, including 4 bottles of wine-none of which broke.  Big mess to clean up!

Found the KOA here and got checked in, un-hooked, and set up.  Left to take Quinn for a walk.
Came back to find water running out the bottom of the trailer!  Turned the water off quick!  Then tried to find out what had happened.  The floor of the trailer had water on it, maybe and eighth of an inch.  The culprit?  The tub faucets had jiggled themselves open and the drain stopper was in!  Overflowing bath tub.  Drained it, hung up the clothes that had jiggled off the rod and were now wet, used nearly every towel and rug to sop up the water after getting everything off the floor.  What a mess.

Guess what I'm doing today-yep,  reorganizing and cleaning the truck and trailer.  Again. Not the way I'd hoped to spend the day!

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