Saturday, October 1, 2016

To Utah

Les trois tétons (the three nipples) from the Idaho side!
 We left West Yellowstone the earliest ever-9:30am.  It was 32 degrees F. Remember that.
Took highway 20 down into Idaho until we joined up with Interstate 15 just above Idaho Falls.
I had noticed some very strange black rock formations and had the thought that they looked volcanic. Which I didn't think was impossible since the Yellowstone caldera and other calderas are in the neighborhood. (Well if you use a large neighborhood!)  Then we stopped at a rest area for lunch.  Guess what?  It's a large lava flow area!  They have both a long and short walk with interpretative signs along the way so we stretched our legs a bit.

Some of the many caves and rough area included.
The brown blog shows the area of the lava flow.
 We only stopped for gas etc until we came to the Brigham City exit and found our campground.  The next three photos are from our campground-the first two of the Great Salt Lake and the last of the mountain behind us.

The mountains here are not as high as in Montana and Wyoming and are nearly bare of trees.  What trees they have are stunted, shaped like cedar trees in Missouri. All in all, I'd have to say that the place is ugly.

When we arrived, I had to turn on the air conditioning!  Today, I packed up the cold weather clothes and got out the hot, as I go further south it will get even warmer!

Montana spoiled me.  I'm having trouble adjusting to traffic and noise here!  Tomorrow, we move on the Cedar City and some more national parks!

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a good yarn said...

Such diversity of landscape, shaped and formed over millennia. I had no idea Tetons meant nipples. How amusing!