Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Moving Day and SNOW!

It began raining on us while we were out on Sunday and rained for 24 hours, I think.  Not hard rain just steady light rain.  The clouds were quite low-we were "Socked in" as my Mom used to say.  When the rain stopped and the clouds began to lift there was SNOW on the higher peaks.  This morning the highest mountains still had quite a lot of snow which I enjoyed as I drove up I-90.

We moved from Butte to the West side of Glacier National Park and the Kalispell/Whitefish area today.  Started out as a gorgeous sunny day.  Drove on more highways than I can remember but at the southern end I saw one beaver slide after another and lots of haystacks made by beaver slides.  I have no idea why I get so excited about beaver slides!

Also along the way there were two accidents, one quite recent.

One mama bear HBC (Hit by car and killed) with her two cubs looking down from the tree line.  The looky-loos had parked all along and were out taking photos-potential accidents there! (So Sad-I don't know if the cubs are old enough to make it on their own or it some wildlife organization will rescue.)

A cow running-odd that but especially as it was chasing a coyote!

Then it began raining.  And we began the long "Tree tunnel" part of the drive, along lakes etc.  I sure it was gorgeous but again the clouds were so low that I couldn't really see anything.

Long day-I'm beat.  Quinn wants to play and it's raining.

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a good yarn said...

Snow on the mountain tops must look fabulous but driving around in the rain not so much fun. What a shame about the mama bear. What a crazy cow! I bet the coyote got the surprise of his life.