Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Over Hill and Dale

Madison River
This morning we were off on the next leg of our trip!
Left Dillion, drove up through Two Bridges (for the fourth time),
Sheridan (again for the fourth time), 
and Virginia City (the Ice cream shop was open! I did not stop.)
Up and over the pass and into Ennis where I turned south. 
 Driving along the Madison River Valley.
(I was in the Madison valley when I left Three Forks but this is further upstream.) 
 Many fisher persons in boats and along the shore-hope they were catching fish!

Montana has some of the nicest rest areas!  
We again stopped for lunch, a short walk and some photos-of course!

Also the Madison River
At the rest area I saw this truckload of big fence posts
-they looked like giant,
 just-sharpened pencils to me!

Somewhere along the way I zagged when I should have zigged 
(Zags to the left, Zigs to the right!)
Anyway, I'm glad I did as I drove alongside Earthquake Lake!
On August 17, 1959 at 11:37pm a 7.3 earthquake hit Hebgen Lake MT.
11 people died and the the lake tipped sideways!
You can read more about it here.
I didn't stop at the Visitor's Center and wished I had.
Considering going back, maybe.

Earthquake Lake
Lookout Old Faithful here I come!

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