Wednesday, September 7, 2016


This is what the sky has looked like the past several days.
Do not let that tiny bit of blue sky fool you!
It started raining again about 5 minutes later.

We went to Whitefish.
(About 30 minutes from where we are camped.)
It's much bigger than I expected!
Nice little downtown area with cute shops-
You know the ones for the tourists?
Quinn did a fine job walking the streets.
Then waiting in the truck for me.
It was 40 degrees F
I think she can manage that!

They have a lovely dog park there.
Quinn always takes a bit of time to warm up but once she does
she's running all over the place
checking out the other dogs!
We had managed our tour of downtown without rain
almost as soon as we hit the dog park
it began to sprinkle.
Then rain lightly.
Then rain harder.
Quinn got wet.
I got to share the truck with Eau de Wet Dog!

The sun did come out about 5pm and we went for walks!
Quinn made friends with an Aussie for a bit of play.

Here's hoping that tomorrow is sunny!
We are getting cabin fever.
The trailer is 23'long and about 9.5 ' wide.
That's 172 square feet before you take out
the bed/couch
the table and benches
the kitchen (such as it is) 
the bunks and the bathroom.
That's leaves about 10 square feet of floor!

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a good yarn said...

We had a day's rain here but need a bit more. Wet dog - ewwww - but I'm sure Quinn had lots of fun. Especially playing with an Aussie!