Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Just a short drive

Actually, this one was taken in the campground!
Then Quinn and I took a right out of the campground.
Just to see where the road went.
Didn't drive too far until I was up at the top of a hill looking at 

Then I turned around the other way and saw this!

I swear there's something beautiful in Montana at every turn!

Quinn is a five year old Shetland SHEEPDOG.
She had never before seen sheep.
Or goats.
She is intrigued by them even though they don't think much of her!
Everytime we go for a walk we have to go over to their pen,
sniff and watch while they walk away.
Poor Quinn!


a good yarn said...

These images would make a beautiful calendar. Poor Quinn. It's not her fault - the sheep are doing it right!

Charlene S said...

One day Quinn will get to play with a sheep or three. It will come naturally. Our colll.lie would herd the girls when they were outside and sma