Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Thoughtful Tuesday.

Some of you know that I am passionate about educating girls!  Girls everywhere!  Some need basic education but even here in the US where education is free and mandatory girls need more education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine  (STEM).  This information is from UNICEF the United Nations organization.  In 2013, 31 million girls of primary school age and 32 million girls of Lower Secondary school are were out of school.  . . . "educated women are less likely to marry early and against their will; less likely to die in childbirth; more likely to have healthy babies; more likely to send their children to school."  The there's a saying I've seen numerous places  "Educate a boy and he leaves for the city, educate a girl and she stays in the village making the village stronger."  I'm going to begin a series of blogs on folks who are helping girls get an education.  Most will focus on efforts in developing countries but some will be on efforts in STEM.  To begin, lets have a look at---

This site has a great display of how much an education will change the GNP of several countries based on either education itself or the eradication of practices which create obstacles for girls.  I'll be using their list of the things girls need  (Education, Safety, Health, Voice and Rights and Economic Securities)  Check it out, think about it!

I have no idea how well any of the programs use the funds they receive so you shouldn't consider this an endorsement of any particular Non-governmental Organazation.

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a good yarn said...

STEM and attracting girls to these subjects is an issue in Australia as well. Not only have we lowered the bar on these subjects to the point where it's at ground level, Mathematics is no longer a compulsory subject for the end of schooling exam. Despite this, girls performed better in these exams in 2015, than the boys and it looks like boys education will be the future focus. The other issue we have here is the lack of trade skills.