Friday, January 1, 2016

The Year Begins!

I have a very long list of things I INTEND to do this year, some that will last all year, some a few days, some a few minutes.  Some to be done once, some every day.  Blogging is one for every day!  I'm going to commit to a post and at least one photo each day as another one of my intentions is to take more photographs!

We have finally had some "bluebird sky" days!  It's been so gloomy and gray-I really do not like the color gray and cannot for the life of me see what everyone likes about it!  Personally, I love BLUE!
Quinn and I took a walk (another one of those intentions-to walk everyday) and I took some photos in the park.

This is the hill we walk down to get to the playing fields!  Just a little snow left from the inch-inch and a half we got Monday.  Its partly paved, partly gravel and partly mud!  From the top it doesn't look like much but from the bottom, at the end of the walk it can seem gigantic!  Sometimes I stop to catch my breath (and to force myself on) Quinn always stops with me, on leash or off, and usually we sigh in unison before we start up!  This one doesn't do the sky justice though.

This one is truer to color-I forgot the filter.  We have lots of trees here-seas of them and oceans of grass as well.  This time of year most have lost their leaves so all the green is cedar.  I don't know if you can tell how think the undergrowth is-in the summer it's nearly impossible to walk through.

Guess I'd better hit another of those intentions!  It will be a while before I get to all the daily ones-everything takes longer to do right now because I have to tidy things up before I can do it.

I just have one question for the ages--Why when it takes me all of 10 minutes to put on makeup do I tend not to take the time?  

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a good yarn said...

I'm afraid I lack the wisdom to answer such questions but I have recently bought a three-in-one powder for weekends and holidays so that if I'm out and about I have a face on. A little blush, some lip stain and I'm done. Not too fond of those paths that are much steeper coming home than heading out - much prefer to go the other way but walks are more pleasant with a four legged companion (unless that's a mini dachshund who prefers to be carried thank you very much ). I like your commitment to post each day and share photos. I'm rubbish at taking them and think I'm doing well posting once a week!