Sunday, January 31, 2016

Slow Sunday

I had a very slow day.  Didn't even get dressed until noon!  The days will begin to settle into a pattern now that the weather has improved.  Among other things Quinn and I will take a walk every day-unless it's raining!  She has somewhat forgotten how to walk on a leash so it's good practice for when we are out in Ceili and walking in and out around people.  She does really well in crowds, sticks to me like glue!  So practice is good, and the exercise is good for both of us.

Then after housekeeping and other chores, I'll either sit at my desk working or sit at my sewing machine working or read.  It will get quite boring quite quickly!

The little barn piece is finished.  Adding the trees was tedious, very tedious.  I'll work on "Card trick" tomorrow evening.  Then it will on to finishing both the fairy quilt and A Stitch in Nine as well as working on the boys new quilts on the machine.  I'm going to set up the Elna with thread for the flannel quilts and the Janome with the walking foot so that I can work a little on each thing.

I promised a photo so here is yesterday's sunrise--looking SSE from my house.  I don't have a great view of either the sunrise or the sunset due to geography (I live between hills) and trees.  This one colored the clouds nicely though.

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a good yarn said...

I love staying in jim-jams until noon once in a while. It always feels quite decadent. A very pretty sunset indeed.