Monday, January 4, 2016

Design Wall Monday

This is what I drug out and put up on the design wall!

I bought this cute sewing fat quarter bundle several years ago.  Last year I sewed it into 9 patches and began trying to figure out what to do with it!  I've looked and looked for sashing and border fabric that'd be the right shade of either black or red.  I think this is the layout I'll use with two borders, one of a neutral tan and the other black (my thoughts being that at a distance the fact that there are two blacks won't be as noticeable.  Or anyway I hope.  I might do a similar sashing --tan black tan, I'm thinking on it.  Here's a closer look at some of the fabrics.

Also on the design wall are 82 blue 1 1/2" squares and 82 blue thimbles.  The squares are for a Rainbow Scrap block and the tumblers for a blue and white quilt.  I think I'll be cutting thimbles for a LONG time!

Quilt wise I'm also sewing up the back for the fairy quilt.  Then I'll have to dig around in my leftover batting and hope to find enough of the same thing to use on that.  I'll machine quilt that one myself as it's just a bit bigger than the sewing one above.  Hopefully, I'll finish that one this week.

Back to the studio!  Time for more cross-stitch!  I swear I will get Kolby's stocking done very soon!  (That's IF I don't find some other huge mistake I have to rip out and fix!)


a good yarn said...

You're quilting up a storm there - the plan for the border sounds good. One and a half inch squares? Yikes! Small pieces but nice contrast for your blue and white quilt.

Kate said...

Love your black and red blocks. Hope you can find the sashing and border fabric so you can finish it off.