Saturday, January 30, 2016

Another lovely day.

Not quite as warm as yesterday but still so nice we had to get out and about!  Quinn and I took our usual walk in the park at the end of the street.  None of our walking friends were there, at least not at the same time we were.

I also went out to the cross-stitch shop for more fabric.  They had to special order it so it will be two more weeks before I can start on Nora's Stocking.  (She gets Christmas Mice building a Gingerbread house, should be fun!)  I've nearly finished the little barn piece-it should be done tomorrow easily.

Otherwise, I sewed up a little quilt top (19"x19") that I've had since 2009 and that has been cut out for months.  Just a little card trick block.  It should be backed and quilted tomorrow as well.  It will be another thing off my list!

The color for RSC for February is brown-for chocolate? I don't have any brown in my stash as it has been cut for the log cabin I have in progress!  Guess I'll do light blue blocks and tumblers instead, then when it's their turn I'll have them all made!

Pictures tomorrow!

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a good yarn said...

I think I saw fabric printed with chocolate bars at the quilt store the other week! Tell Nora, sorry, but Ann in Australia really needs to have the mice and gingerbread house stocking. (fat chance, eh?).