Sunday, January 28, 2018

Intentions Progress

I'm not one to make New Year's Resolutions 
for the past couple of years I've made a list of Intentions.
Part of it is just a list of things I need/want to do 
and as such only gets updated as I work on them.
There is a section for things I really want to incorporate into my life or thought patterns.
Some health related-like losing weight (i'm happy to say I didn't gain any in January which is always a month for calorie laden comfort foods.)
Those things I'm tracking daily.
what you track and measure is what you value.
Some of them are quick like a bunny things,
like making the bed and taking my meds,
those get done nearly every day.
Some are longer.
Like playing the piano,
and taking a walk.
Some haven't been done at all!
Some only sporadically-it's been far too cold to walk!
Over all though I'm really pretty pleased with my progress.
Especially since I've quit binge reading!
The fact that photos are being scanned is entirely due to this list.
I hope that February sees some more regularity in some things 
and the addition of some of the others
without losing anything I seem to have a handle on.

Tomorrow, I have one of those health related things.
An appointment with the Urologist for my Kidney stones.
Wish me luck.

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a good yarn said...

Good for you! There can be so many things to do and keeping track of them all can be quite challenging. I must start scanning our family photos. There is renewed interest now that I’ve started compiling the family tree and potted history.