Sunday, January 14, 2018

Catching up!

Woke this morning to the sound of the snowplow scraping the street.
An inch, perhaps a bit more, of snow.
When it snows I often I stand at the door to the backyard and think how beautiful it is.
So pristine.
Without the wind is lays gently on all the branches.
I open the door and let Quinn out!
So long pristine whiteness.  
Hello doggie footprints!
She does love the snow.

I drove to Columbia and home again yesterday to celebrate
this boy's birthday!

Ryan was born on Christmas Day (2014) but we party later!
He's come so far, hits every milestone 
and is quite smart.

This photo reminds me of everything that happened the first few months after he was born.
He is Boston Children's Hospital's perfect result
and I couldn't be more grateful.

1 comment:

a good yarn said...

So it did snow! Does Quinn get those snow lumpy bits on her legs that you see on the internet? That wee boy is quite the miracle.