Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Books and Movies

First, movies.
We went to see "The Greatest Showman" today and we ALL Loved it!
So often folks forget that you go to the movies to be entertained and this was the most entertained I've been in a LONG time.
Brayden (11) said it was the best movie he'd seen all year-keep in mind that this year is only 2 days old!
Then he said he was preordering the movie and buying the soundtrack!
Then he said he liked it better that The Last Jedi!! What?!
Anyway, really good!
Think I'm going to go back and see it again, order the music for piano and the soundtrack.
(Disclaimer-this is a Broadway-style musical, if you looking for something else you won't find it!)
I knew Hugh Jackman could sing (saw him in Oklahoma!) did not know Zac Efron could sing!

As for what I'm reading.
I'm still struggling through Number: the Language of Science most of which is WAY above me but is mostly the history of Mathematics.  
My youngest son is a Mathematician-I feel like I should know a bit more about what he does.
(That could be said of the computer programers as well but I haven't gone there yet.)
Most of the information I've never heard before and I find it sad because Math might have been more comprehensible had some of this been mentioned!
One thing I'll remember-Thank you India for giving us ZERO!
In other Non-fiction,
I began The Big Burn by Timothy Egan, another book about forest fires, again purchased in Montana last summer.
In Fiction, I can read a book in an afternoon.
Kindle makes it inexpensive but I often don't remember the title or author without looking again.
I do usually remember two things-how entertaining the story was and how many annoying errors there were!

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a good yarn said...

Thanks for the movie review. The trailers are quite something and it generally takes quite a bit to impress children these days. Hugh J is quite the showman - a good choice for this role. Mathematics - the universal language. I enjoyed studying it at school and uni but didn't pursue a career as I wasn't smart enough. Funny how zero is such an important concept. What's the name of the famous English mathematician who proved that one plus one equals two? Haven't they made a movie about the Big Burn? I think I read some articles on the interwebs about it, the actual event that is.