Tuesday, October 25, 2016


From the time we left El Paso until we changed to Interstate 20 from Interstate 10 there were mountains somewhere around us.

About 3 miles onto Interstate 20 and we were in the flat!

At least there is grass growing here.
I think Quinn thought we would never see it again!
Nothing to see for miles and miles.
Save for oil derricks, pumps and storage tanks.
Is it any wonder then that I was tired and cranky when we got settled here!

Today, I did boring but necessary things:
Got an oil change in the truck-the light can stay off now!
Visited a Quilt shop.
Hit Petco for Quinn's food.
Did some minor grocery shopping-more milk!
Then cleaned the trailer 
and the truck a bit.
Went to Taco Tuesday for dinner.
Filled the truck with gas for tomorrow.

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a good yarn said...

Whenever I have travelled I've always found the journey home to be a little tedious. I can't wait to get back to my own bed, pillow and comforts of home.